All in Action

Blinds 600/1200 – BB Ante 1200

Dylan Marcus limps from the cutoff, Basil Naicker limps from the small blind and Christopher Reynders checks his option from the big blind

Flop: 7♥2♣9♥

Action checks all the way through

Turn: 6♥

Play checks around to Dylan who makes it 6 000, Basil folds

Chris moves all in for 11 000, Dylan makes a quick call

Dylan tables 10♥4♥ for the flush – 91%

Chris shows 9♦2♦ for 2 pair – 9%

River: ………. 9♠ giving Chris a full house, stealing the pot from Dylan on the river

Chris is now up to 30 000, fighting his way back into contention

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