Massive Pot!!

Blinds 1500/3000 – BB Ante 3000

Shuaib Amod raises from the button to 7 000

Chandra Dieb and Dylan Marcus call in the blinds

Flop: 4♠5♦J♥

Action checks to Shuaib who bets 6 000

Chandra folds, Dylan calls

Turn: 3♣ , Dylan checks the play to Shuaib who bets 12 000

Dylan instantly moves all in!

Shuaib calls quickly, announcing if you have the straight you’re winning

Dylan turns over 3♦4♣ turning two pair

Shuaib tables J♠J♦ having Dylan dead to rights 

The river is a meaningless 6

Dylan doubles up and is now on 170 000

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