After over 2 hours of heads up play

The winner has finally been crowned!

Blinds 8000/16000 – BB Ante 16000

Jesse Rosen on the button raises to 35 000

Chrissy Luyt moves all in on the big blind for 310 000, Jesse makes a quick call

Chrissy shows A♣J♠ – 45%

Jesse tables 9♣9♠ – 55%

Jesse flops a 9, accompanied with an 8 and a 7, 

Chrissy now has 4 outs instead of the 6 he started with, looking for a 10 and only a 10

Turn: 4♣ , Jesse has a 90% chance of winning the hand

River: ……………….. 4♠

No help for Chrissy who finishes as the runner up for R42 847

Jesse Rosen is the 6 Max Champion!

Cashing for R68 208 from the R4 000 buy in!

Well done to all players that cashed!

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