Interesting Hand!

Blinds 2500/5000 – BB Ante 5000

Andrew Diab opens the action to 25 000 from under the gun

Reagan Naidoo calls in the cutoff, Praba Callakoppen makes it 67 500 from the button

Both Andrew and Reagan make the call

Flop: 10♣2♣8♥, all 3 players check

Turn: 3♣

Andrew checks, Reagan moves all in for 149 000

Praba, after 3betting pre flop makes the call and Andrew folds

Reagan shows J♦8♣ for middle pair and a flush draw

Praba tables 10♥9♥ for top pair

The River: ………..4♠

Sending Reagan to the cash desk for a rebuy

Praba is now just under 1million chips

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