Abdool Essa and Cliton Taliwanth get involved in the biggest pot of the tournament so far!!

Cliton opens the action to 220 000, Abdool makes the call, all others fold

Flop: 3♥4♦J♠

Cliton bets 180 000, Abdool calls

Turn: Q♠

Cliton checks, Abdool bets out 390 000

Cliton 3bets to 1.1Million

Abdool moves all in for 2.7Million, Cliton asks for a count, but makes a quick call

Abdool shows A♣Q♥ – 11% (Looking for an Ace or Queen on the river)

Cliton tables K♠K♣ – 89%

River: ……… 8♣

Eliminating Abdool in 8th place for R65 000

Cliton is now on 6.2Million Chips

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