Imran Bhojani out in 6th and Greg Ronaldson out in 7th!

Greg moving the last of his chips in on the small blind with Q♠6♠, being called by Cliton Taliwanth with 10♠K♦, with the board running dry, Greg is eliminated in 7th for R72 600

Imran runs into Cliton as well!!!
Imran raises to 300 000 pre flop, Cliton makes the call

Flop: Q♥4♥Q♣, both players check

Turn: 10♥, Imran leads out for 150 000, Cliton calls

River: 5♦, Cliton bets 400 000

Imran moves all in for 1.9Million, Cliton snap calls

Imran flips over Q♠8♠ for flopped trips

Cliton turns over Pocket 10s for a turned full house!!!

Imran finishes 6th for R85 000

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