All in action pre flop!

Blinds: 2500/5000 – BB Ante 5000

Darryl Symes raises from the button to 16000

Eben Lottering moves all in for 155 000 in the big blind, Darryl calls

Eben shows A♦8♦ – 54%

shows A♥4♥ – 28%

18% of the time these two hands will split the pot!

Flop: K♠Q♥4♦ – Giving Darryl the lead pairing his 4!

Turn: Q♦ , Eben is looking for an 8 to win, or an A or K to split the pot!

River: …………….. Q♣

Sending Eben to the cashiers desk to re enter

Darryl is now up to 1Million chips

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