Cooler to start Day 2!

Blinds: 4 000/8 000 – BB Ante 8 000

Charl Blignaut raises the action up to 20 000 from the cut off, only Roger Simmers makes the call from the button

Flop: Q♣7♥9♣

Charl leads out for 35 000
Roger moves all his chips into the middle, in essence putting Charl all in

Charl makes a quick call

Charl shows 7♣7♦ for a set – 9%

Roger tables 9♠9♥ flopping a bigger set – 91%

Charl needs the last 7 in the deck or running clubs to win the hand

The turn and river bring no help for him, sending him to the rail

Roger is now up to 1.3Million

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