3 way All in on the River!

Blinds: 5 000/10 000 – BB Ante 10 000

The Board: 2♣7♣7♠  4♥  8♦

With 280 000 in the pot, Rodgers Pillay checks his action from the small blind

Marco Macchia moves all in for 202 000

Banu Rajah thinks for a long time before making the call

Rodgers Pillay, the action back on him he moves all in over the top for 220 000

Banu makes the call for 18 000 more

Marco shows A♠J♣ trying to steal the pot

Banu flips over pocket 10s for an over pair

Rodgers tables 8♣6♣ for top pair

Banu scooping the whole pot, moving her to 1.2Million Chips!

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