3 way all in on the flop!!!

Blinds: 1 000/1 500 – BB Ante 1500

Pot: 30k

Flop: 8♠7♠4♦

Action checks to Rudolf Fourie on the button who bets 25 000

Mark Christy calls, over to Ahmed who thinks for a while before moving all in for 86 500

Rudolf quickly moves all in over the top, Mark thinks for a while before making the call as well

Ahmed shows 10♠9♠ – 27%, open ended straight flush draw

Rudolf flips over A♠5♠ – 13%, Ace high flush draw

Mark tables 7♥7♦ – 60%, middle set

Turn: K♠, giving Rudolph the lead with the nut flush

He is dodging 12 outs going to the river!!!

River: ………………… 4♣

Giving Mark the full house and scooping the 300 000 chip pot!

Ahmed is out of Day 1A, while Rudolf has a lot of work to build his stack up again!

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