Interesting hand to start day 2 of the Freeroll

Blinds 6 000/12 000 – BB Ante 12 000

James Botha limps from the cut off,

Jarryd Allers raises up to 37 000 from the big blind, James makes the call

Flop: 3♠6♦5♥
Jarryd leads out for 20 000, after thinking a while James calls

Turn: J♠ , Jarryd bets 40 000, James makes the call

River: 9♠
Jarryd checks the action over to James who bets out 40 000, Jarryd thinks for a while and then makes the call

James turns over K♠Q♠, after floating the flop, he made runner runner spades for a King high flush!!

James is now up to 500 000

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