Interesting hand!
Blinds 150/300 – BB Ante 300

Harold Brooks opens the action to 750 from the button

Stephen Courtney calls from the small blind and Howard Lipman makes the call from the big blind

Flop: 7♠5♦4♦, Stephen leads for 1 200, Howard gets out the way

Harold raises it up to 3 700, Stephen 4bets to 7 500, Harold calls

Turn: K♦, Stephen bets 3 500, Harold calls

River: 6♦ Stephen checks to Harold who moves all in for 17 500

After thinking for a while Stephen makes the call

Harold shows 10♥6♣
Stephen quickly shows 10♦7♦ turning the flush for the winning hand

Harold is sent to the cash desk to re enter,

Stephen is now on 57 500

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