Massive pot!!

Blinds 1k/2k – BB Ante 2k

Max Deveson opens the action to 4 500 from under the gun
Fazel 3bets to 10 500 from the cut off, Imran calls from the Button, Richard Barnard calls from the big blind and Max lets his hand go

Flop: 3♦K♥9♣, Fazel leads out for 22 000, only Imran makes the call
Turn: 10♥, Fazel checks to Imran who bets 21 000

After thinking a while Fazel puts in a raise to 51 000, which prompts a quick all in from Imran – Fazel snap calls the all in

Imran tables Pocket Kings for a flopped set – 23%
Fazel turns over Q♣J♣ turning the nut straight – 77%

Imran needing to pair the board to stay alive in the tournament

River: ………… 4♥

Imran eliminated in 6th place

Fazel is now up to 403 000 and a commanding chip lead

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