All In Action!
Blinds 4k/8k – BB Ante 8k

Richard Barnard raises to 22k from the cutoff, Jesse Rosen makes the call on the button as does Ronnie Dos Santos on the big blind

Flop: K♦7♦3♣ , Ronnie leads out for 25 000, Richard folds and Jesse calls

Turn: 6♠

Ronnie moves all in for 255 000, Jesse thinks for a while then makes the call

Ronnie turns over 10♦9♦, for a gutshot straight and flush draw (27%)

Jesse shows K♠Q♠ looking to dodge a diamond or an 8!! (73%)

River:………………… 2♣ sending Ronnie onto the Rail

Jesse is now the Chip Leader of the High Roller with 2 350 000!!!

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