3 Left and Break

Sadly we say goodbye to Ahmed Karrim who lost his stack just before the break. Ahmed was almost at the bottom of the chip-count until at least halfway into the tournament, where he managed to cement himself into the 4th spot, winning himself a chunk of R170 280!

Ahmed lost around 600k to Edgar’s quad 4’s against his pair of 7’s. 

Ahmed was then straight in the danger zone and went all-in the next hand.

His hand was 10♠9♠

Against Jarred’s 6♠6♦ (also all-in)

The flop was 7♦9♥7♣

The turn was 6♥

River J♣

Here is the count during the break:

1 Jarred Solomon 4 400 000
2 Daniel Lamberti 1 650 000
3 Edgar Antezana 1 320 000

Very well played Ahmed!

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