Break Time

We have had some huge plays, seeing the bust of 2 players in 1 round. At the moment the table is pretty even and has slowed down somewhat seeing that the prize pool runs into 6th place, so all of the players are trying their best to make it into the pay-off spots.

The current chip leader is Nic Ioannou with almost 2mill chips, the question now is can he keep his lead? 

keep an eye out on the live stream to follow the event.

Here is a breakdown of the chip-count:

1 Nic Ioannou 1 975 000
2 Ahmed Karrim 1 640 000
3 Daniel Lamberti 1 390 000
4 Edgar Antezana 1 165 000
5 Jarred Solomon 965 000
6 Clive Kikia 660 000
7 Moto Uhara 450 000

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