Millions Accumulator 1A Concluded

The first 10 players for the Millions Accumulator day 1 are as follows; Moon Khan (160 700), Ahmed Karrim (91 100), Martin Maround (85 600), Harold Brooks (67 400), Rob Blonski (54 200), Paul Rowlston (49 300), Joe Abreu (33 300), Paul Mantzios (28 400), David Rosenthal (25 600), Shadley Abrahams (24 400). 

The next Accumulator will start tomorrow at 13:00. 

The above mentioned players will continue tomorrow, along with any new registrations. 

Chip-Count Shifts

Table 8 has seen a massive shift in the chip pile. Moon Khan, who only recently joined in on the table, has 138 000 in chip value at the moment.

S Abrahams is keeping head above water on Table 7 with a chip count of 40 000

The playing field is still wide open though,  we still have 14 players in and among those players are Dobby, Ahmed Karrim and Harold Brooks. 

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