Paul Manztios All-In

Paul shoved an all-in, Dave De Beer and Abdool Essa called the shove. 
Paul’s 5♣ Q♠ and Abdool’s A♥ 2♦ were not good enough to beat David’s 7♥ 4♦ as the community cards were 6♠ 3♦ J♠ 7♦ 10♦

David won with a pair of 7’s. 

This concludes our top 10 for the Millions Accumulator 1B and we will commence the Millions Accumulator 2 at 21:30. 

Giovanni Zanette Wins 3 Way Pot

Giovanni wins a handsome sum of chips with a 3 way all-in pot. Giovanni won with a pair of 10 ♣♠ against Q♣A♣ and 8♣7♣

The flop was K♠ 2♠ 7♦, turn 6♦ and the river 5♠

The pair of 10’s held up against the pair of 7s. 

Giovanni is now in contention of being the table chip-leader. We currently have 14 players left in the field and are playing level 12 with 1000/2000 blinds and 2000 ante. 

Moon Khan In Control

Moon is still controlling the table as he managed to bust Michael Clacher.

Moon managed to hit tipple Jacks on the river, which was too firm for Michael’s pair of 2’s. 

There are 18 players left and they are now on a quick break, after the break we will be heading into level 11, which means no more late registrations or re-entries. 

Moon Khan Sitting High

Table 14 has seen a considerable amount of action as Moon leads the table with 142 000 chips. 
His closest competitor for the moment is Maxine Catano with 66 000 chips. 

The players have now been shuffled to new seats on different tables so keep an eye on our live stream to follow the action on the main table, brought you by Gary Allen and his team.

Main Table Chip Leaders

After a thrilling 2 hours, the players are on a quick break, after the break there will be seat switching and play will resume on level 9 with the blinds being 500/1000 with an ante of 1000. 

There are still 27 players currently in the competition, everyone is playing for a chance to make it to the play-off for a guaranteed R1million pay day! 

The chip leaders for the main table are Eric Feben (70 800) and Prashanth Mergu (68 500).

Maxine Catano Takes On Donny Mitev

Maxine called and raised Donny’s 3k on the flop.
They both battled it out for a nice stack of around 6k, Donny’s hand was Ace 10, while Maxine had a pair of Jacks.

Sadly the flop, turn and river didn’t help Donny and Maxine took the stack with her pair of Jacks while Donny only managed to get pair of 10s.

Maxine is currently one of the table chip leaders.

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