Abdool Essa Wins Trophy

It was a hard fought battle throughout the tournament. There were altogether almost 250 entries over the course of the MMA since last year. 

Abdool and David Rosenthal went head to head to take home the trophy.

David decided to shove all-in and Abdool called the shove.

David’s cards were 10♦ 5♥ while Abdool had 8♦ 9♦

The community cards were 5♣ 4♦ 2♦ 3♦ and 7♠

Abdool won with a flush! 

Martin Maroun, Moon Khan and Lauren Piha Eliminated

Martin ended up busting after his all-in shove which was called by Eric Feben. 
The community cards didn’t help Martin as Eric landed triple 8’s on the river.

Martin takes 9th spot.

Right after Martin’s exit, Moon khan shoved an all-in and lost the stack to David Rosenthal’s pair of Kings. Moon takes the 8th spot.

Lauren was also eliminated within minutes of all the action. Lauren claims the 7th spot! 

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