Vygandas, Clive and Karl Eliminated

Vygandas took the 7th spot.

Clive shoved all-in vs Jaco Storm;

Clive had a 4♣ 4♠, Jaco had K♦ Q♦
The community cards brought Jaco a King High flush and it brought Clive 3 of a king 4’s, which were not good enough to beat Jaco’s flush.

Clive took 6th spot.

Karl Mybrugh has also just been eliminated, he takes the 5th spot.

Final 9 – Main Table Set!

WW took the 13th spot, Sun took 12th spot, Kenny Morgan took 11th spot.

Abool Essa shoved, Des Godfrey called.

Abdool had a pocket pair of 3’s and Des had a pocked pair of Aces. 

The community cards help nothing for either player, Abdool was eliminated and took the 10th spot.

Here is what the final table setup looks like:

21Des Godfrey775 000
32Kenny Heyns420 000
43Clive Kikia440 000
54Jarred Solomon1 825 000
65Rudolf Fourie1 365 000
76John Ambrosie370 000
87Karl Myburgh250 000
98Jaco Storm795 000
109Vygandas Simuntis 965 000

Final Day Commences

The players played until they popped the bubble this morning shortly after 3am, which means we have the top 15 players and they are all in the honey pot!

We are currently playing level 18 with 10 000/20 000 blinds and 20 000 ante. 

The final 15 players and chip-counts are: 

1Jarred Solomon1 033 000
2Clive Kikia845 000
3Rudolf Fourie777 000
4Jaco Storm673 000
5Karl Myburgh580 000
6Kenny Heyns554 000
7Kenny Morgan541 000
8Anand Kumar405 000
9Harold Brooks366 000
10John Ambrosie322 000
11WW303 000
12Des Godfrey268 000
13Huawei Sun227 000
14Abdool Essa172 000
15Vygendas Simuntis100 000
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