Down To The Last 2

Eugene Du Plessis managed to knock Jason Strauss out to land himself and Ahmed Karrim in the honey pot.

Eugene had a pair of Jacks, while Jason had an Ace and King.

The flop was triple 7’s
The turn was a 2
The river was a Queen

Eugene won the hand and now it is head on head between Eugene and Ahmed to see who will be crowned the Super Jam champion! 

Round 1 Of Super Jam Begins!

We have just started round 1 of Super Jam.
We have some big names and familiar faces among the starting players.

Round 1 blinds are 100/100 with an ante of 100.
Levels are 25 mins.
Buy-in is R17 500  for a 50k stack and late entries are until tomorrow before the start of play, so make sure you get down to Carnival City Casino to sign up!

Best of luck to all our players!  

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