K Morgan is the Main Event Champion

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After a few very long days of Main Event Grind we have Crowned a Champion. A deal was struck 3 handed and K Morgan is your Main event Champ Congrats on an amazing tour K Morgan. Second in the High Roller and now a Main Event win Our Champ walks away with R825,412.50.

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Lagan Zackey Eliminated in 4th position

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Blinds 30000/60000 with a 60000 ante from the BB. Action on Lagan Zackey who open jams from the BTN for 995k. Ahmed Karrim moves in over the top from the SB and action on Warren Zackey who calls off his entire stack from the BB and we have a 3-way all-in situation. Lagan Zackey shows J♥T♥, Karrim shows A♠Q♥ and Warren Zackey shows 7♦7c. The flop hits both Karrim and Warren Zackey but Zackey has the better of it on a 7♠Q♣6♠ flopping middle set. The turn is the 4♣ and the river is the 4♦ giving the check mark to Warren Zackey with sevens full of fours and eliminating Lagan Zackey in 4th. Congratulations to Lagan Zackey who cashes out R215,325.

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Rudolph Fourie Eliminated in 7th position

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Blinds 25000/50000 with a 50000 ante from the BB. Action folded to Rudolph Fourie who open jams for 425k in the C/O and gets called by KM on the BTN. Fourie shows A♣7♦ and KM shows Q♠Q♣. The flop comes J♦7♥9♠ and KM still ahead with his pocket queens. The turn is the T♥ and Fourie needs to hit 1 of 3 aces on the river to stay in The Main Event. The river is the 5♠ eliminating Fourie in 7th with a payout of R106,227.

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Ilhan Diraz Eliminated in 8th position:

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Blinds 40000/80000 with an 80000 ante from the BB.

Action on Lagan Zackey who opened UTG to 120k action on Ilhan Diraz next door in UTG+1 who moves all in for 495k. Action folds back around to Zackey who tanks before making the call. Zackey shows AsJc and Diraz shows AcKc. Diraz is about a 74% favorite to double up as he has the AJo of Zackey dominated. The flop is safe for Diraz on a 5s-6h-5h board. The Ts turn keeps Diraz ahead. Diraz needs to avoid 1 of 3 outs in order to double up. The river delivers 1 of Zackey’s outs with the Js eliminating Diraz in 8th for a payout of R77,517. 



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Final Table time in Main Event

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After 3 days of deep stack poker we have grinded down to the Final Table of the Main Event.

Congratulations to the players who have all made it here, Guaranteeing themselves R43,065.00

Here are you Main Event Final Tableists


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Chunsan Fan Eliminated in 11th position

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Blinds 10000/20000 with a 20000 ante from the BB We catch the action on a 6s-JcQc board where Fan jams his stack in from the SB for 580k and gets called by the C/O. Cards go on their backs on Fan shows JsTc and is up against AhQd The turn is the 7s and Fan needs to hit either a jack or a ten on the river. Fan blanks on the 9d river and is eliminated in 11th taking home R35,887.50 

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Jonathan Allen Eliminated in 15th position

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Blinds 8000/16000 with a 16000 ante from the BB.

Action on Allen who moves all-in from the HJ for 187k action folded to KM in the BTN who makes the call. Cards go on their backs and Allen shows A♠8♦and KM shows A♣K♠. The flop comes 4♠6♥2♥ the turn is the 3♦and the river T♦ eliminating Allen in 15th position.

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The Bubble Has Burst In The Main Event

After multiple rotations of hand for hand action, the bubble has officially burst in The Main Event and all remaining 22 players are guaranteed a minimum cash out of R22,968. Play will resume tomorrow at 11am for day 3 where dealers will shuffle up and deal for the last time in this Sun City series 2019. Tune into the live stream to keep up to date with all the action which will start 30mins after play has resumed. Congratulations to all the players who have made the money!

Rob Blonski Eliminated From Main Event

Blinds 5000/10000 with a 10000 ante from the big blind:

Zlatko Dobronic opens from early position to 35k. Action folds to Blonski in the BB who goes all-in for 372k and Dobronic calls. Dobronic shows K♦K♣ and Blonski shows A♣Q♥ . The 2♠Q♠K♠ flop catches both players but Dobronic has the better of it with top set. Blonski needs running cards to make a Broadway straight or running aces to make a full house. The turn blanks with the 5♦and the river is the J♠ eliminating Blonski from The Main Event.


Rex Hsu Eliminated From Main Event

Blinds 4000/8000 with an 8000 ante from the BB

Action folds to Rex Hsu in the HJ who moves all-in for 89k. Jonathan Allen moves all-in from the SB and Levi Dare folds T♥T♠ from the BB. Allen covers Hsu as cards go on their backs and Hsu tables A♥Q♣ and Allen tables J♣J♠. Allen hits the flop hard with top set on a 2♥J♦3♠ board. The turn is the 5♠ and the river is the K♠ eliminating Hsu from Main Event.

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