Feature Table Grand Slam

With the players all sat down and play commencing we can have a look at our feature table and see who is there. The buy in was R40 000 for this event and we have 27 entries so far with it only being day one of 3. They will be playing 6 levels this evening with each level being 45 mins long up until late registration ends and then it will go to and hour.

Players are sitting down and playing the first hands of the tournament I am so excited to see how this plays out, players have a starting chip stack of 150 000 and we will look in the first break who our chip leader is and how the tables are looking.

It’s TIME!

It’s that time of the week here at Sibaya in beautiful KZN where the Grand Slam R40 000 buy in starts! 

Players are arriving and again we see some familiar faces join the field, with 15 mins to go we are still seeing players check in and buy into this event. 

I’m excited to see how the event goes and for all the updates keen your eyes glued here 

Final Table!

We have finally found our top 8 players at the final table here Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom playing for their spot at the Millionaire Accumulator! These players have played a long day and still have some poker to play so lets see who we have left :

Kevin Kalil : 32 800

Nahum Lum : 171 900

Harold brooks 43 000

Keenan Pienaar : 23 000

Eugene Du Plessis : 74 500

KM : 84 200

Ahmed Karrim : 155 000

Jared Soloman : 30 600

Some familiar names we see here on our top board with Nahum Lum being our chip leader at the start of play. Lets see how these players do fro the rest of the table!

We are deep into the event and there are 10 players left that are soon going to go onto another break. we have some familiar faces that are showing up here again this evening and some interesting hand going on here on the feature table. 

Remember that here these players are playing for that spot at the final event early next year where they will be playing for a total of R1 million, so exciting stuff going to happen!


Today we start the Millions Accumulator tournament that starts at 6pm. For those of you who don’t know how it works, basically at every tour stop we have a day that Players play and try to make it into the main event which will happen at Carnival City next year! 
Its an exciting process where players can become a Millionaire for a small buy in for R5650! 

We are excited to see the reception of this event and see how the players are going to do! 

Stay tuned here for all the updates and to see how your favourite players are doing!

Final table update

As the players move to the live streamed table lets have a look at the 6 players that are still in and how they are doing. Lets have a look at their chip stacks to see who is in the lead. Karl Myburgh is the chip leader at the moment with a staggering 1 150 000 chips in hand.

Ahmed Karrim 465 000

Dean De Klerk 885 000

Hennie Appel 365 000

Natz Chinsamy 148 500


these players are playing it out for a first prize place of R161 280.00 and are all hungry to win it!

Final Table Update

So the players that made it to the final table are playing for a first place of R161 280.00 and tensions are rising as JP Odendaal calls all in  with A♣10♠ and unfortunately just missed the king for the straight on the river, JP exits the Event in 10th place with a prize of R10 080.00.

9 players remain and it looks like some aggressive poker being played but Karl Myburgh still holds the chip lead at the table.

Its the FINAL Table!

Welcome back and we have our final table that will battle it out for the 1st place prize of R722 400.00. Lets have a look who those players are.

Len Freeman : 513 000

Rodgers Pillay : 1 076 000

Rakesh Singh : 808 000

Greg Ronaldson : 797 000

Jared Soloman : 870 000

KM : 1 076 000

Aston Soon Shiong : 970 000

Muaaz : 420 000

Abdul Essa : 2 577 000

Hauwei Sun : 1 254 000


Good luck to all these players at the final table

Mid Break Breakdown

Its that time of the day where we have a look at the field and see who we have as chip leaders and how many players we have left. 

with 35 entries and 12 players that are in the field is getting that much closer to the final table. Our chip leader is AS with a chip stack of 1 668 000. 

I’m excited to see who makes the final table and how this plays out stick close and lets see what happens.

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