Final Table Update

So the players that made it to the final table are playing for a first place of R161 280.00 and tensions are rising as JP Odendaal calls all in  with A♣10♠ and unfortunately just missed the king for the straight on the river, JP exits the Event in 10th place with a prize of R10 080.00.

9 players remain and it looks like some aggressive poker being played but Karl Myburgh still holds the chip lead at the table.

Mid Break Run Down

We are about to go into round 9 of the Freeze out flight 1a and 2 hours left of this flight lets have a look at our various table chip leaders and the overall chip leader so far. 

At table 10 we have Wynand Fick with 151 800 who is also current the flight 1a overall chip leader.

At table 11 we have Anton Klanfor with 145 000.

At table 12 we have Karl Myburgh with 99 400.

At table 13 we have Theo Hunter in the lead with 155 600. 

At table 14 we have Vygandas Simuntis with 143 000.

At table 15 we have Nicky Pather with 119 400.

so lets have a look and see how these players do for the rest of the flight!

Day 3 Starts

Good Morning and welcome back to the Sibaya Casino as we kick off the 3rd day with the most anticipated tournament, The Freeze out! 

players are starting to get ready for the first flight now whats interesting about this for those of you that dont know we run 2 flights if you drop out of the first you can re buy for the second flight but after that you are out so players need to be more careful. With a R6 000 buy in this seems already like its going to be a cracker of an event!

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