Final Table

Ladies and gentlemen we have the final table! the last 10 players to have lasted this long and played their hearts out to get to this point. The players at the final table in no particular order are as follows :

Paul Dranias : 363 000

Nahum Lum : 446 000

Lyndwaan Sha : 573 000

Naven Naicker : 322 000

Ahmed Karrim : 784 000

Sajid Moideen : 395 000

Evro Psiloyenis : 209 000

Gareth Stuart : 317 000

Michael : 701 000

Eugene Du Plessis : 737 000


A very well done to these players for getting this far and good luck to them going right to the end.

Final 18

We are getting that much closer to the end of the event with only two tables left and 18 players left in the pool. Tensions are rising and you can feel the change of atmosphere at the competitiveness of the players are coming through. This will be the last features table before the final table and the players are getting that much more serious about how they are playing their games.

We are now up to 6000/12 000 in blinds with players trying to secure their place on that final table to take their shot at the prize pool. Once I have an updated prize pool I will get those details to you currently the pot is sitting at an astounding R453 600.00. Lets see how the rest of the players do and who will claim their spot on that final table.

Round 19

As we get deeper into the Warm up Main Event we see a very closely contested feature table with JP Okes sitting with over 240 000 worth of chips taking the lead away from Gareth Stuart who was on 209 000.

The blind are now sitting as 5 000/10 000 and its getting really exciting as we see the player field drop down to 22 with a lot of upset and happy faces around the venue here this afternoon at the Sibaya Casino. These players are now playing for a staggering prize pool of R418 320.00 beating already a field of 83 entries.

We still look forward to this evening starting with our Super Slam R60 000 buy in event. Its going to be interesting to see how these players are going to react and how they are going to do going on for the rest of the Warm Up Main Event.

First break of the day

We have just come back from our first break of the day, but before that we saw some interesting situations develope. Eugene was the chip leader at our feature table but in the last level before the break we saw that Naven Naicker actually came out ontop of that feature table towards the end coming out with just over 150 000 chips at the end.

now we see a new set of players joining the feature table keep your eyes glues for the update on the table.



Round 15 starts

With just one round left for re-entries the pressure must be rising for these players, the blinds are sitting now at 2000/3000, although with 38 players left in the event the competition is rising.

Our chip leader is staying constant and with a optimistic table around him he looks determined to take this, we will follow Mr Ahmed Karrim as well as some of our other chip leaders at the various tables and see who goes all the way to that final table. Mr Karrim started the day off with 330 500 chips, almost 130 00 more than his closest competitor, Mr S Chetty who started the day off with 193 500.

who do you think is going to make it to that last table of the event ?

Start of day 2

Good morning and welcome back!

We are still here at the amazing Sibaya casino, the players are getting ready to start the second half of the Warm Up Main Event, and with all the exciting poker that happened her last night I’m sure this will yield the same levels of success as yesterday did. we start today off now at 12 pm midday with the MJPT Warm up main event and at 2pm we have a Super Slam satellite starting, then starting this evening we have the Super Slam R60 000 buy in event that everyone has been so excited for!

back to this Warm Up Main Event we start today with 34 players left but don’t forget there is still a chance to buy in until about 2pm this afternoon, so if you want to come take your chance with the R6 000 buy in come through and give it a shot. These players are currently playing for a total pot of R352 000 with an average stack of R102 940.

As i see all the players coming and and getting ready and the rustling of the chips starting you can almost feel the excitement in the room, so with that said, good luck to all the players!

Day 1 has ended

Such an exciting day that we had here at the Sibaya Casino entertainment resort as we look back to what the evening brought us we see that we had over 65 players enter the Warm Up Main Event with a total pot of over R320 000. We had over 20 people going out in the first day already from this event.

At the end of day 1 and after 12 levels of the Warm up Main Event we have the chip leader Ahmed Karrim with an extraordinary amount of 330 500 chips in his back pocket.
We are starting day 2 at 12pm midday on Saturday with the rest of the Warm up Main Event, where there I still time to Re-buy for 4 more levels until approximately 2pm. Also we will be starting with the the Super Slam R60 000 buy in at 8 pm.

some exciting things happening this tomorrow and if the energy is the same as it was today then its definitely something to look forward to! I personally am very excited for the rest of the events that are going to follow in the next 10 days.

Well done to all the players today and good luck for the rest of the event!

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