Rudolf Fourie exits in 3rd for R275 000

Rudolf has been amongst the top chip stacks from early on Day 1C and just never looked back
Playing some great poker along the way!!
That is a 1st in the Super High Roller followed by 3rd place in the Main Event
Great series for Rudolf, Congratulations!!!

Headsup is now between:

Ahmed Karrim – 3.9Million

Sean Bloom – 3Million

Fazel Dawood Finishes in 4th!

Fazel called Ahmed Karrim’s all in pre flop with A♥Q♦
Ahmed turned over pocket 5s

The flop paired the board, which gave Fazel more outs to counterfeit Ahmeds pocket pair, nothing came this time

Ahmed knocking out another player on the final table

Fazel leaves with an even R200 000 for 4th place

Ahmed is now up to 2.9 Million chips

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