Alvin Pillay is the High Roller Champion!!!

After 2 hours of heads-up, Alvin finally caught Joe on a bluff and by calling ended and won the Aston Soon Shiong High Roller

62 Players started the event, over 2 Million Rand in the prizepool, here are your top 2:

Joe Stegers takes away R470 000 for 2nd

Alvin Pillay will walk away with R650 000 and the High Roller Trophy for 1st!!

Well Done Gentlemen

Ahmed Karrim out in 6th, Anand Kumar out in in 7th

Anand makes a move against Alvin Pillay, Alvin makes the call and Anand had 2% chance of winning which didn’t come for him

Ahmed moved his last chips into the middle with K♠10♥

Jesse Rosen makes the call with K♣Q♦

Unfortunately for Ahmed, he is unable to find one of the three 10s
Finishing in 6th for R123 000

2 Million chip pot!!

Blinds 60k/120k – BB Ante 120k

Ahmed Karrim raises to 240k from the button, Joe Stegers calls and Alvin Pillay in the big blind folds

Flop: Q♥3♥3♦, Joe checks, Ahmed bets 220k and Joe calls

Turn: 4♦, The same action occurs to which Ahmed bets 680k and Joe calls

River: 3♣, Joe checks to Ahmed, who checks behind

Joe tables Q♦10♣ for a full house

Ahmed missed his flush draw with 8♥6♥, which go into the muck

Joe is now on 4 900 000 and in a commanding position in the tournament

The Bubble has Burst!!

David Rosenthal and Anand Kumar are all in, both evenly stacked!!
David with AK and Anand with pocket 8s

Whoever loses will be out in 8th place and just miss out on making the money

Unfortunately for David, nothing comes on the board for the AK

The pocket 8s of Anand holding up

Goodluck to the final 7 who have made the money!

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