After a grueling headsup battle which saw the chip lead change hands multiple times

We have a Winner!!!
David “Bozo” Rosenthal defeats Max Deveson for the Title and R290 000

The final hand saw Max move all in with K♣4♣ (57%)

Bozo making the call with Q♥10♣ (43%)

Bozo flopped his Queen, but Max flopped a flush draw!
This time it didn’t come for Max seeing him eliminated in 2nd for R160 000

And just like that we are down to Headsup!

Eben Lottering moving all in with Q5 into Hennie’s AJ, with Hennie spiking the J, Eben could now catch up eliminating him in 4th for R50 800

Then Max Deveson moving all in, Hennie calling with pocket 6s, Max showing Q3

Max ends up making a straight to eliminate Hennie in 3rd for R104 000

Max goes into the heads up with 3 240 000

David “Bozo” Rosenthal has 1 250 000

The Bubble has Burst!!

Roger Simmers is the unlucky bubble in the Big Shot
Max Deveson opens the action pre flop, David “Bozo” Rosenthal calls and Roger comes along as well

The Flop comes Jack high, Roger moves all in
Max makes the call and Bozo folds Pocket 10s

Roger shows KJ, max flips over pocket Aces

Unfortunately for Roger no help comes on the turn and river

Max is now up to 2.5 Million

The Big Shot is down to the Final Table:

The Final 9 will all be playing for the R290 000 and the title for 1st!!

Seat 1: Max Deveson – 1 430 000

Seat 2: David “Bozo” Rosenthal – 395 000

Seat 3: Mark Lifman – 335 000

Seat 4: Eben Lottering – 760 000

Seat 5: Hennie Appel – 625 000

Seat 6: Edgar Antezana – 370 000

Seat 7: Rudolf Fourie – 175 000

Seat 8: Roger Simmers – 255 000

Seat 9: Abdool Essa – 160 000

Goodluck Gentlemen!!

Big pot to move to 2 tables!

With 17 players left, Mark Lifman limps in early position,

Danny Dayani raises to 40 000

Uri Hartuv in the big blind makes the call

Action back to Mark who moves all in, covering both Danny and Uri

Danny moves all his chips into the middle and after thinking for a long time Uri folds

Mark flips over A♦Q♥

Danny shows A♣K♦

The Board:

Q♦9♦10♥  5♦  3♥

Mark flopping 1 of the 3 queens he needed to eliminate Danny, and then holding on to the lead

There are now 16 players left

Mark is now on 600 000 chips!!!

Abdool Essa calls Sheldon Grove’s all in on the flop

Blinds 2 000/4 000 – BB Ante 4000

Sheldon limps from under the gun, Abdool makes it 17 500

Only Sheldon makes the call

Flop: J♣7♦5♠

Sheldon moves all in for the remainder of his chips – 39 000

Abdool calls after not much deliberation

Sheldon shows J♥10♠ – 77%

Abdool rolls over A♥K♠ – 23%

Not making him sweat to catch up, the dealer shows the K♣ on the turn

and with the river no help to either player, Abdool sends Sheldon to the rail

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