George Castis is our latest player to hit the rail
Blinds 20k/40k – BB Ante – 40k

George moved the last 304 000 into the middle from under the gun
Ewald Steiger makes the call from the Big Blind with Pocket Queens
George shows A7 off suit

The board runs dry for George which sees us down to 2 tables left in the tournament!

12 of the final 16 will make the money!!

All In Action

Blinds 15k/30k – BB Ante 30k

JP Okes is All In for 382 000 with A♥6♥ – 29%

Stephen Courtney makes the call A♣Q♠ – 66%

There is a 5% chance they will split the pot

Flop: J♦9♣9♥, those split odds are now up to 18%!

Turn: 6♠ , JP hits one of the 3 sixes he was looking for, leaving Stephen searching for help on the river!
River: 10♠

No help comes for Stephen on the river, this sees JP double up to 840 000!!

Interesting hand to start day 2 of the Freeroll

Blinds 6 000/12 000 – BB Ante 12 000

James Botha limps from the cut off,

Jarryd Allers raises up to 37 000 from the big blind, James makes the call

Flop: 3♠6♦5♥
Jarryd leads out for 20 000, after thinking a while James calls

Turn: J♠ , Jarryd bets 40 000, James makes the call

River: 9♠
Jarryd checks the action over to James who bets out 40 000, Jarryd thinks for a while and then makes the call

James turns over K♠Q♠, after floating the flop, he made runner runner spades for a King high flush!!

James is now up to 500 000

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