Rudolf Fourie, Ahmed Karrim and Darren Kramer have decided to split the prize money between the 3 of them!
All 3 taking an equal share of R285 600each

They agreed on a 3way all in to decide the finishing positions for the tournament
Rudolf rivered Top pair of Aces for the win, and the trophy!!

Rudolf loved having his brother on the rail(Not Eben), his actual brother so he jumped into the winners picture with him

Well done gents!!

Interesting hand ensues

Blinds 2000/4000 – BB Ante 4000

Imran Bhojani raises from the cut off to 10 000
Nic Ioannoy calls in the big blind

Flop: 9♥5♦4♥, play checks through

Turn: Q♦ , Nic leads for 20 000, Imran calls

River: A♣, Nic bets 20 000, Imran raises to 70 000

After thinking for a while, Nic makes the call
Imran quickly shows A♠K♣

Nic tables Q♣5♣ for two pair winning the pot

Nic is now over 1Million chips!

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