Max Deveson is the SunBet Poker Tour Main Event Champion!

Max beat out 266 other players, Ahmed Karrim being the final opponent!

Max eliminated Ahmed after a short heads up session, with a 10 to 1 chip lead, it was just too much for Ahmed to overcome

Ahmed cashes for R575 000 for his 2nd place finish

R1 000 000 and the SPT Bracelet are a great way for our International to finish his series  

Well Done Max!!

Anand Kumar runs into the final table destroyer Max Deveson

Anand moves all in on a flop of Q♦J♦5♣ with A♦10♦ Straight and Royal flush draw!!

Max makes the call with K♦Q♣ for Top Pair

The board runs out 2♣ on the turn and 7♥ on the turn

Anand is the 3rd place finisher and cashes for R400 000

Max now goes into the Heads up with Ahmed Karrim with a 10 to 1 chip lead

Darren Kramer out in 5th and Fazel Dawood out in 4th

Darren moves all in under the gun for the last of his chips – 1.5mil

Max Deveson in the Cutoff makes the call

Darren flips over K♣10♠ to Max’s pocket 9s

The Board runs dry for King Kramer, he cashes for R125 000

Fazel exits soon after against Max as well!

Fazels K10 vs the Pocket 6s from Max, Max flops a 6, and ends Fazels run for the title

Fazel does walk away with R250 000 for his 4th place finish

Simon Solomon exits on a cooler!!

Anand Kumar raises from the button,

Darren Kramer goes all in from the small blind

Simon reshoves from the big blind!

Anand makes a quick fold

Darren turns over A♦8♣

Simon tables Q♠Q♥

Flop: 2♠4♦5♦, giving Darren a 3 now for a straight as an out as well

Turn: A♥ , A heartbreak card for Simon, massive cards for Darren

River: 6♣

Darren eliminating Simon

Darren is now on 2million

Knockout! 8 Players left

Blinds 25k/50k – BB Ante 50k

Ahmed Karrim opens the Action up to 100 000

Joe Stegers moves all of his chips into the middle – 775 000

Ahmed makes a quick call

Ahmed shows Q♦Q♠ – 71%

Joe tables A♦J♥ – 29%

The Board runs out: 4♦9♠K♥  8♦  6♣

Which is no help to Joe who is eliminated in 9th place for R61 700

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