After over 2 hours of heads up play

The winner has finally been crowned!

Blinds 8000/16000 – BB Ante 16000

Jesse Rosen on the button raises to 35 000

Chrissy Luyt moves all in on the big blind for 310 000, Jesse makes a quick call

Chrissy shows A♣J♠ – 45%

Jesse tables 9♣9♠ – 55%

Jesse flops a 9, accompanied with an 8 and a 7, 

Chrissy now has 4 outs instead of the 6 he started with, looking for a 10 and only a 10

Turn: 4♣ , Jesse has a 90% chance of winning the hand

River: ……………….. 4♠

No help for Chrissy who finishes as the runner up for R42 847

Jesse Rosen is the 6 Max Champion!

Cashing for R68 208 from the R4 000 buy in!

Well done to all players that cashed!

The lovely Lissa Szymonowicz finishes in 3rd place

Blinds 4000/8000 – BB Ante 8000

Jesse Rosen raises to 16 000 from the button

Lissa moves all in for 117 000

Chrissy Luyt in the big blind goes all in over the top, Jesse quickly folds

Lissa shows A♦2♥ – 29%

Chrissy rolls over Q♣Q♠ – 71%

The board brings no help to Lissa who finishes her first tournament in 3 years on the podium!
Well done!!

Lissa cashes for R29 232

Chrissy now has 726 000 going into the heads up with Jesse

Shuaib Amod finishes in 4th 

Chrissy Luyt completes from the small blind, Shuaib checks in the big blind

Flop: J♠5♠10♥, both players check

Turn: 3♦, both players check

River: 7♥

Chrissy leads for 17 000, Shuaib raises him to 37 000

Chrissy goes all in and Shuaib calls

Shuaib shows J♣5♣ for a flopped two pair

Chrissy tables 6♦4♦ for a rivered straight!!

Shuaib has been eliminated in 4th for R21 437

Chrissy Luyt knocks out Brian Diab with Pocket Aces

Blinds 2500/5000 – BB Ante 5000

Brian was short stacked and moved all in for his last 26 000

Chrissy wakes up with Aces in the big blind

Brian flops some life with a straight draw, but nothing materializes and he is eliminated in 5th place for R17 539

Yoni Lipshitz out in 6th place

Yoni limped in from the small blind and flopped a straight and flush draw against the top pair of Aces of Shuaib Amod

Flop: 4♦A♦5♥

Yoni has J♦2♦ – 46%

Shuaib shows A♠7♥ – 54%

Turn: K♣

River: J♠

Not bringing in any of the draws for Yoni, 

He cashes for R15 590 for 6th place

Massive Pot!!

Blinds 1500/3000 – BB Ante 3000

Shuaib Amod raises from the button to 7 000

Chandra Dieb and Dylan Marcus call in the blinds

Flop: 4♠5♦J♥

Action checks to Shuaib who bets 6 000

Chandra folds, Dylan calls

Turn: 3♣ , Dylan checks the play to Shuaib who bets 12 000

Dylan instantly moves all in!

Shuaib calls quickly, announcing if you have the straight you’re winning

Dylan turns over 3♦4♣ turning two pair

Shuaib tables J♠J♦ having Dylan dead to rights 

The river is a meaningless 6

Dylan doubles up and is now on 170 000

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