Giovanni Zanette busts out in 5th place, the bubble

Gio had a bad run of luck getting it in ahead twice and coming out behind

The worst of two was a massive pot with A♠K♠

Against the 10♦9♣ of Roshan Munn’s

The board flopped both a 10 and a 9, which all but ended the hand 

The final 4 players are all in the money

Action Hand!

Blinds 2500/5000 – BB Ante 5000

Mudassir Ameer limps under the gun, Nic Iaonnoy limps from utg+1

The action folds around to Stephen Courtney in the Big Blind who makes it 30 000 to play

Mudassir moves all in for 55 000

Nic Iaonnoy reshoves for 110 000

Stephen goes into the tank for a long time before folding

Nic shows A♦4♦ – 58%

Mudassir tables 9♣8♥ – 42%

Flop: 2♠5♥6♣ , giving both players a gutshot straight draw

Turn: 5♣

Nic is dodging an 8, 9 or 7 to knock out Mudassir

River: ………… 7♠

Mudassir rivering a straight taking the pot away from Nic

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