6k Double Stack Champion

David “Bozo” Rosenthal!

Bozo came back from a 5/1 chip deficit heads up with Nahum Lum to claim the title and R91 738

2nd – Nahum Lum cashes for R57 657.60

3rd – Greg Mkgoatlheng cashes for R39 312

4th – Graeme Craig cashes for R28 828.20

Bozo has jumped straight into the Big Shot, as a professional poker player does!

Fazel Dawood all in Pre Flop

Blinds 2000/4000 – BB Ante 4000

Fazel moves all in for his remaining 63 500

Howard Lipman calls leaving himself 2500 behind

Fazel shows A♥J♦ – 63%

Howard turns over K♣10♦ – 37%

Flop: 5♥4♣7♥, no help to Howard

Turn: J♠, Howard can only hit one of the last 3 kings in the deck

River:………….. 8♦

Fazel manages to hold up and double through Howard

There are 17 players left in the tournament!!!

We join an action hand on the turn

Blinds 1000/2000 – BB Ante 2000

Pot – 37 500

Board: 6♣9♠8♥  Q♥

Golf9 checks to Chrissy Luyt who bets 13 000

Bruce Flowerday makes the call from the button, Golf9 also calls

River: A♦

Golf9 checks over to Chrissy who bets 20 000

Bruce makes a quick call, Golf9 folds

Chrissy shows A♥3♥, turning the flush draw then spiking an ace on the river

Bruce shows Q♦10♥ losing the pot on the river

Chrissy is building a nice stack!

Joining the action on the river

Blinds 200/400 – BB ante 400

Pot – 10 500

Board: K♠K♥9♥  6♣  Q♣

Menesh Keshav leads out for 5 000

Alan Jung min raises to 10 000

Soyenne De Beer folds on the button

Action back on Menesh who asks Alan if he got lucky on the river?
But ultimately makes the call

Alan tables J♠10♣ for a rivered straight

Menesh shows him K♣10♥ for just how lucky he got

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