Hennie Appel moves all in from under the gun

Ryan Van Blerk moves all in from the button, the rest of the table fold

Hennie shows A♣10♣ – 30%

Ryan tables A♦Q♥ – 70%

The Board runs out: 2♥10♠8♦  5♦  7♠

Hennie getting extremely lucky and knocking Ryan out in the process

Ryan ends 7th for R30 000

Hennie now has 16million chips

After only an hour of play on day 3, 6 players have been eliminated and the Little Slam is down to the final table!

Your Final Table chip counts and seating:

Seat 1: Hagai Dayani – 12 600 000

Seat 2: Mobil Chetty – 5 500 000

Seat 3: Cameron Singh – 7 000 000

Seat 4: Ryan Van Blerk – 7 000 000

Seat 5: Emmanuel Moutsouyannis – 3 900 000

Seat 6: Shameel Singh – 11 650 000

Seat 7: Lynne Duncan – 3 550 000

Seat 8: Hennie Appel – 7 050 000

Seat 9: Rodgers Pillay – 10 250 000

Within an hour of the start of play, 6 players have hit the rail

Yoni Lipshitz losing AQ to the Pocket Queens of Ryan Van Blerk

Baz Bako losing pocket 9s to the AK of Shameel Singh
Praba Callakopeen losing his pocket Jacks to the AK of Rodgers Pillay

Christopher Reynders lost A4 to the pocket 10s of Hennie Appel

Derek Beyrooti busting A2 against the KQ of Gary Jankelow

Gary Jankelow running AQ into the Aces of Hagai Dayani!

The Last Lady boxing against the men in the Little Slam

222 players started, 15 remain, 1 of them is Lynne Duncan

Starting Day 3 with 5.5million she is above chip average and in 5th place!

Lynne has had a love for poker for a long time, cashing in various series she has played at over the years

The biggest being for R190 000 at Grandwest around 10 years ago

Lynne loves a gamble, you will often see her playing PLO6, and spending an hour or two on a slot machine now and then..

But her two biggest loves are her two kids, Kirsty and Kieran, I am sure they will be beaming with pride with how well their mom has done in this massive field!

Goodluck Lynnie, from the MJPT team

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