Day 1B had 155 Entries, 

There is 1 level left of play, 52 players are still trying to take a big stack into day 2!

Top 3 stacks heading into the last 2 levels with a few notables: 

Jarred Solomon – 425 000

Joe Stegers – 365 000

Brian Diab – 310 000

Franco De Mata – 220 000

Simon Solomons – 210 000

Zlatko Dobronic – 39 000

There are some great names of South African Poker with us tonight in Main Event Day 1B

Some of them include:

Nic Iaonnoy

Muaaz Gani

David Rosenthal

Jarred Solomon
Maxine Catano

Darren Kramer

Hennie Appel

Conrad Chester

Harold Brooks

Hagai Dayani

Ray Adam

Imran Bhojani

Marriette Language

Nick Sissou

Mark De Mata

Plenty more names in the field, We are very glad to have each and every one of you!

All in and Rebuy

Multi way flop, Danny Dayani/Joe De Gouveia/Alan Jung/Chrissy Luyt and Morne Posthumus

Flop: 8♥5♣8♦, Chrissy Luyt first to act moves all in for his last 2500

Morne calls him with J♠8♠ – 

Chrissy shows 7♦4♣ for a gutshot straight draw looking for any a 6..

Turn: 4♠

River: 9♠

Sending Chrissy to the rebuy cage!

Morne is sitting on 52 000

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