The Final 3 players have made a deal for the money and the trophy!

Sylvester Peters giving up a little of the prize money and taking the trophy and the win of the MEGA MILLION!! Taking home R375 000

Gordon Patterson taking home the most of the prizepool in the deal – R480 000

Calvin Ferreira walking away very happy as well!! Walking away with R395 000

Well done guys!!

Grant Barkay eliminated in 4th

Grant moved all in from the small blind with A♥4♦

Calvin Ferreira calls from the big blind with K♣Q♠

The board ran out:

Flop: K♦J♥9♥ giving Calvin the lead

Turn: 10♥ making the straight for Calvin, but now he needs to dodge a Heart or a Queen!!

River: 7♠

Grant being eliminated in 4th place earning himself R193 242

Calvin now has 9.5million

Sugen Singh finishes in 8th

3 way all in sees Sugen up against Sylvester Peters and Gordon Patterson

Sugen shows pocket Kings

Sylvester has pocket 4s

Gordon Patterson shows A♣10♠

Flop: 7♣8♣9♥

Turn: 6♦ giving Gordon the straight, the others are drawing dead to a chopped pot if a 10 peels off on the river

River: 3♠

Gordon knocking out Sugen Singh and crippling Sylvester

Sugen cashes for R74 151

Gordon is now a commanding chip leader with 9.5million

Biggest pot of the tournament so far!

We join the action on the flop


Gordon Patterson bets 180 000

Cliton Taliwanth raises to 400 000, Gordon calls

Turn: 10♦

Gordon bets 250 000

Cliton raises to 1.1mill, Gordon moves all in

Cliton makes a quick call

Cliton tables 8♥5♥ flopping trip 5s

Gordon shows 10♠10♣ for a turned full house

Cliton is drawing deat to the last 5 in the deck

River: K♥

Gordon takes down a pot of over 5million chips!!!

We are now down to 13 players

The Bubble has burst!

Blinds 40k/80k – BB Ante 80k

All in action between Lauren Piha and Frans Henning

Frans raises from the small blind to 320 000

Lauren moves all in on the big blind for 1.9million, Frans makes a quick call

Lauren opens up A♦Q♠ – 43%

Frans shows J♥J♣ – 57%

Flop: 10♣K♣5♣, eliminating two flush cards for Lauren but giving her the two Jack outs for a straight

Turn: 2♥, no help to Lauren she has 6 outs to stay in the event!


This unfortunately sees the High Roller winner from the Sun City series bubble the first event of the Sibaya Series

Frans is now on 4.4million!!

Well done to the 15 players that have made the money

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