Kinesh Pather beats Moto Uhara in a good old fashioned Heads up battle!

They went toe to toe with the chip lead exchanging hands on multiple occasions

The Final hand Kinesh calls the 620 000 all in of Moto with K♣️2♣️

Moto shows Q♥️9♣️

The Flop: Q♠️2♠️3♠️ giving Moto the lead with a pair of queens

Turn: 7♠️ giving Kinesh a few extra split possibilities if another spade comes on the river

River: K♦️ Making Kinesh 2 pair!!! Eliminating Moto in the process

Kinesh Pather is the Big Shot champion taking home R252 000

Moto walks away with R151 200 for 2nd place

Ahmed Karrim finishes in 3rd Place

Blinds: 30 000/60 000 – BB Ante 60 000

Ahmed in the small blind limps

Kinesh Pather in the big blind checks

Flop: 5♥8♠10♣

Ahmed bets 60 000, Kinesh calls

Turn: 7♠

Ahmed checks, Kinesh with his 2 pair bets 165 000

Ahmed thinks for a while and moves all in for 650 000

Kinesh makes a quick call

Ahmed shows 9♣8♦ for 1 pair and a straight draw

Kinesh tables 10♠7♦ for two pair!

Ahmed will need a 6, 8 or J on the river to stay alive

River: 3♠ , no help to Ahmed

Kinesh now has 1,9million chips, eliminating Ahmed in 3rd place

He cashes for R100 800

Jesse Rosen Bubbles the Big Shot!

Blinds: 20 000/40 000 – BB Ante 40 000

Kinesh Pather raises to 90 000 with K♦10♠

Jesse moves all in for his remaining 242 000 with A♠J♦

Moto Uhara folds in the big blind

Kinesh makes the call

Flop: 3♦K♠6♥

KP taking a firm grip on the hand with a pair of Kings

Turn: 3♠

Only an Ace can save Jesse on the river #Barrygreenstein

River: 8♠

KP wins the hand eliminating Jesse on the Bubble

The 3 players that make the money:
Ahmed Karrim – 1 100 000

Kinesh Pather – 830 000

Moto Uhara – 670 000

Slip up from Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi)

Blinds: 10 000/15 000 – BB Ante 15 000

Zubi opens up the action to 40 000

Corne Van Schalkwyk calls on the button

Kinesh Pather in the small blind calls

Three ways to a flop:


Flush draw for KP, under pairs for the other two

KP checks to Zubi who continues with the betting angle, he bets 65 000

KP calls

Turn: 2♣

KP checks the action over to Zubi who moves all in!

KP insta calls!!!

Zubi turns his hand over, 7♦7♣

KP tables 10♣6♣ for a flush and has Zubi drawing dead!

The river is a meaningless 2♣

Kinesh eliminating Zubi

Kinesh now has 1million chips!!!

Chunky Pot!

Kinesh Pather raises to 18 000 in early position with Q♠J♦

Warrick Weigand calls with A♣10♦

Ahmed Karrim completes from the Big blind

3 ways to the Flop: 6♣5♣Q♣

Each player hitting a piece of the flop

Warrick leads out for 23 000 with his Ace high flush draw

Ahmed folds, Kinesh makes the call with his pair of Queens

Turn: 7♥

Warrick continues for 70 000

Kinesh calls!

River: K♠

Warrick gives up on the river and checks,

KP checks behind

Both players show their cards, Kinesh taking down a 250 000 chip pot!!!

The Final Table of the Big Shot!

Seat 1: Muhammed Abboobaker – 143 000

Seat 2: Corne Van Schalkwyk – 438 000

Seat 3: Kinesh Pather – 164 000

Seat 4: Eben Mare – 172 000

Seat 5: Jesse Rosen – 377 500

Seat 6: Fazel Dawood – 291 000

Seat 7: Moto Uhara – 430 000

Seat 8: Warrick Weigand – 207 500

Seat 9: Ahmed Karrim – 277 500

Max Deveson, the one time chip leader, has been sent knocked out!

Max under the gun moves all in for the remainder of his stack,
He moved all in Blind wanting to try run up his short stack during the last level of re entries!

Blinds: 2 000/4 000 – BB Ante 4 000

Max’s all in is for 8 500, and gets 4 callers! 

Max has 4♣3♠

Moto Uhara calls with 2♥2♦

Kinesh Pather calls with 6♥6♣

Fazel Dawood calls with K♠2♠

Corne Schalkwyk completes in the big Blind with 10♣9♣

The action checks through all 4 remaining players to the river:

Board: J♠7♦A♣  K♦  A♠

Giving Fazel the winning hand and knocking Max to the rail

The Super High Roller Champion fires off a quick bullet into the Big Shot!

Gio Zanette sits down at the feature table, and 10 minutes in finds himself in all-in action with Max Deveson

Kinesh Pather opens up the betting from early position

Gio goes all in for 72 000 on the small blind

Max re-shoves in the big blind

Kinesh folds

Gio opens A♠J♥
Max tables 10♣10♥

Flop: 8♥K♠8♣ which is no help to Gio

Turn: 10♠ locking up the hand for Max

the river is a meaningless 5♣

Gio is off to the cash desk to do a rebuy

This should be a Fun tournament!!

Max is now on 508 000

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