All in Pre Flop

Karl Myburgh raises on the button, 

Grant Kaindl moves all in over the top 

Karl makes the call

Grant shows Q♦8♦

Karl shows A♣K♥

Grant being caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Flop: 6♥10♣7♦  giving Grant 4 more outs to hit!

Turn: 9♥  giving Grant a straight and all but ending Karl’s Day 1A

The River …………………… 8♣

They end up chopping the pot!!! Straight on the board!!

Both players still have healthy stacks!!

Our reigning champion Gary Backos has been knocked out of Day 1A!

He shoved all in on the Turn against Carol Feben who makes the call

The Board:

10♥ 8♠ 4♥    J♠

Gary shows J♣10♠
Carol is behind with Q♥J♥

But she has 15 outs going to the river

(Any Q, 9 or Heart)

The river brings the 2♥ giving Carol a flush

Gary has said we will see him in Day 1B tomorrow in defense of his title!

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