JP Okes is all in Pre Flop!

Blinds: 20 000/40 000 – BB Ante 40 000

Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi) raises to 80 000 pre flop,

JP moves all in for 255 000, Zubi makes the call for 175 000 more

JP Tables A♦J♦

Zubi shows J♥10♥

The Flop: A♣A♥K♥

Giving JP trips but Zubi has flopped a royal flush draw!!

The Turn: 4♥ which completes the flush for Zubi,

JP needs the board to pair, or a J on the river to stay in the tournament

River: ………. A♠      Making JP quads on the river

JP wins the hand and is now over 500 000 chips!

Duppie Du Plessis busts with AK!

Duppie moves all in for the last of his chips pre flop,

Muhammed Abboobaker makes the call with pocket 9s.

The board runs out 

5♦5♣4♣  Q♠  J♠

Which is no help to Duppie, he taps the table in respect as he exits the tournament.

Zubi picks up a nice pot and extends his Chip Lead in the tournament!

Zubi: 940 000

Duppie: Eliminated

Muaz Gani and Jesse Rosen get into a big pot!

Blinds: 3 000/6 000 – BB Ante 6 000

Jesse raises to 15 000 from under the gun,

Action folds around to Muaz in the big blind who defends for 9 000 more

Flop: 2♠6♥Q♠

Muaz checks to Jesse who bets 12 000

Muaz reraises to 38 000

Jesse thinks for a while and then moves all in for 93 000, Muaz calls instantly

Jesse shows: K♥K♠

Muaz tables: 9♠6♠

Jesse is only a 55% favorite, Muaz can hit any 6, 9 or spade to win the hand

Giving him 14 outs going to the turn

Turn: K♦

Taking 5 of Muaz’s outs away, he can now only find a spade to win the hand

River: Q♦

Giving Jesse the checkmark and a full double up

Jesse: 245 000

Muaz: 110 000

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