Lauren Piha is the High Roller Champion!

The Final Hand:

Blinds 60 000/120 000 – BB Ante 120 000

Fazel raises to 320 000, Lauren calls

Flop: K♣8♠6♣

Lauren checks to Fazel who bets 300 000

Lauren raises to 1 200 000

Fazel moves all in and Lauren calls

Lauren has 9♣7♣ – 37%

Fazel flips over J♣3♣ – 63%

Lauren needs to spike any 10, 9, 7 or 5 that aren’t a club (12 outs)

Turn: 10♠ giving Lauren a straight,

She is 1 card away from doing something no other women in South Africa has ever done!

River: 2♠

Congratulations to Fazel Dawood on a great tournament cashing R500 000 for his 2nd place finish.

Lauren Piha, the 1st ever female High Roller Champion in South Africa!

Winning a multi-day tournament with players of this calibre is no easy feat. Sitting tight when necessary, and putting her foot on the gas and dictating pots at critical moments, Lauren played the game worthy of the title.

From day 1 Lauren has been on the top end of the Chip Leaderboard. After finding an early double up in the second level of the tournament, Lauren controlled her chipstack, picking up pots on a regular basis and keeping herself comfortably above the average. 

Playing in the same tournament as her long time partner in crime, Ahmed Karrim, was never going to be easy to get past.

However, once play started today she was unstoppable! Knocking out 4 of the 7 other players that came back for day 3!

One setback running AK into Aces, but that was a minor speedbump in what was a Monster Truck driving amongst 4×4’s today!

Congratulations Lauren on your R1 000 000 High Roller Victory!

Gareth Kalil Finishes 3rd!

Blinds 60 000/120 000 – BB Ante 120 000

Lauren Piha raises on the button to 300 000

Fazel Dawood calls from the small blind

Gareth moves all in on the big blind

Lauren snap calls and Fazel folds

Gareth shows Q♣10♥ – 34%

Lauren tables A♦K♦ – 66%

Flop: 8♦10♠3♠

Gareth flops a 10, giving him a lifeline

Turn: K♠, Lauren taking the firm grip on the hand again

River: 9♠

Gareth Kalil eliminated in 3rd place for R250 000

Lauren now has 13Million of the 16.5million chips in play

Giovanni Zanette, the Super High Roller champion has been eliminated in 4th!

Gio moves all in pre flop with A♦6♦ (46%) for 1 300 000

Lauren Piha makes the call with 5♠5♥ (54%)

Pot: 2 700 000

Lauren flops a 5, along with a 9 and a 7 giving Gio just the gutshot 8 as an out

It doesn’t come this time for Gio, Lauren ends up making Quads on the river

Gio out in 4th for R150 000

Great showing as the winner of the super high roller now 4th in the High Roller

Showing that good play does make a difference, and consistency prevails!

Mark Da Matta out in 5th

Blinds 30 000/60 000 – BB Ante 60 000

Mark raises to 190 000 from the Cut off

Fazel Dawood calls from the button

Flop: 3♠8♣10♠

Fazel checks to Mark who bets 250 000

Fazel moves all in and Mark makes a quick call

Fazel shows K♣10♣ – 82%

Mark tables J♦10♦ – 14%

With 4% chance the pot will be chopped

The turn and river are no help, Fazel eliminating Mark in 5th place for R120 000

Fazel now has 6 230 000

Ahmed Karrim eliminated in 6th

Gareth Kalil raises from the Button, Ahmed goes all in from the small blind

Gio Zanette folds the Big Blind, Gareth makes the call

Ahmed has A♦Q♣ – 70%

Gareth has K♦Q♦ – 30%

The flop brings an Ace and a King, leaving Ahmed still as massive favorite to double up

But the River brings a third King for Gareth, knocking Ahmed out in 6th place for R110 000

This morning has been a bad beat story for Ahmed, Losing QQ vs JJ all in pre flop, and now losing AQ to KQ against a rivered third King!

Well done on playing a fantastic tournament!

Harold Brookes Bubbles the High Roller

Blinds: 30 000/60 000 – BB Ante 60 000

Lauren Piha opens the action to 140 000 in the Hijack

Fazel Dawood makes the call on the button

Harold moves the last of his chips into the middle from the small blind with A♥J♦

Gareth Kalil makes the call with K♠K♣

There is 1.7Million in the pot going to the flop

The board flops the K♥ and that spells the end for Harolds run at the High Roller

The remaining players have all made the money

Gareth – 2 900 000


Giovanni Zanette raises under the gun to 110 000

Action folds around to Ahmed in the big blind who 3bets to 425 000

Gio moves all in, Ahmed makes the call

Gio shows Pocket Jacks – 18%

Ahmed tables Pocket Queens – 82%

Flop: J♣5♦Q♦

Both players spike a set on the flop!!!! 
Ahmed is now a 96% favorite to win the hand

Turn: J♦ , Gio finds the 4% 1 outer to make Quads against Ahmed!!!

River: 7♣

In unbelievable fashion, Gio doubles up through Ahmed

Gio – 2 700 000

Ahmed – 1 300 000

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