Lauren Piha, the High Roller champion runs Queens into Kings and AK!

What a Cooler!!

Blinds 1 500/2 000- BB Ante 2 500

Lauren raises to 6 500 in early position

Keenan Pienaar 3-bets to 14 500

Chad Khoury 4-bet shoves for 60 000

Lauren reshoves for 120 000

Keenan insta calls

Chad – A♥K♠ – 25%

Lauren – Q♥Q♦ – 19%

Keenan – K♥K♣ – 56%

The board runs out 8 high,

Keenan wins the 342 000 chip pot!!!

JP Okes is All in!

Blinds 1 500/2 500 – 2 500

Jason Dominguez raises under the gun to 7 000

Maneesh calls in the cut off, 

JP 3bets to 22 500

Giovanni Zanette in the big bling calls, so does Jason and Maneesh

Flop: 6♥8♣7♦

JP moves all in for 46 500

Gio calls, Jason and Maneesh fold

JP shows A♥A♠ – 51%

Gio tables 8♦9♦ – 49%

getting it in with Aces and were flipping

Turn: 4♣

River: K♦

No help to Gio, doubling up JP!!

Mariette Language doubles up early this morning

Blinds 1000/2000 – BB Ante 2000

Matt Mulhall opens up the action to 6 500

Mariette calls 

Action folds to Amstel in the Big Blind who moves all in for 112 000

Matt Folds, Mariette makes the call

Amstel shows 2♣2♠ – 47%

Mariette has 10♦8♦ – 53%

Mariette flops and rivers a 10 giving her trips and doubling up 

She now has 82 500

John Abrosie runs a river bluff, does it get through?

Blinds 500/1 000 – BB Ante 1 000

John raises from early position to 2 500

Steven Wylie calls from the button and the blinds fold

Flop: 6♥4♥5♠

John checks the action to Steve who bets out 4 500,

John check raises to 14 000, Steve calls

Turn: 10♦

John continues for 12 500, Steve calls

River: K♣

John puts all of his chips in the middle, 24 500

Steve thinks for a good two minutes before making the fold!!!

John shows AQ for a complete bluff!!!

Cecil Chatwind runs into Moto Uhara

Blinds 500/1 000 – BB Ante 

Moto raises under the gun to 3 000, 

Simon Solomon 3bets to 10 500

Cecil in the Big Blind moves all in for 27 000

Moto Uhara reshoves for 87 500, Simon thinks for a while then lets it go

Cecil shows 4♥4♦ – 19%

Moto tables Q♥Q♠ – 81%

The board runs out dry, and Cecil is eliminated from the tournament

He is going to jump in before start of play tomorrow

All in Action

Netero raises under the gun to 3200

Farid Kerkar calls in middle position

Rajeev Poonhath makes it 13 700 to go from the button

Small blind and big blind both get out of the way

Netero makes a quick call and Farid folds

Flop: 9♣9♥Q♣

Netero checks to Rajeev who moves all in for 42 500

Netero makes a quick call with Q♠7♠
Rajeev tables 10♥10♦, needing help to double up!

The turn and river are no help to Rajeev, sending him to the rail

Netero is now  on 300 000 

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