The Final 7 have made a deal off the table!

They have decided to play solely for the Race to Vegas points!
This was an important part of the deal, it would not have been made if the points weren’t played for!
The Race to Vegas is unique to the SPT, being hosted by and running the back end, the Global Poker Index and the Hendon Mob!
It’s great to see that the players are playing hard to make this years top 10!!

Your Champion for the Main Event is Kinesh Pather,

Kinesh is a regular to our Final Tables on the SPT, the Bracelet and win could not have gone to a better player in this Sunbet Poker Tour Main Event!!

Your Final 9 that will duke it out for the R1 250 000 1st prize and the coveted SPT Main Event Bracelet!

Seat 1: David “Bozo” Rosenthal – 1 324 000

Seat 2: Tony Zhang – 919 000

Seat 3: Edgar Antezana – 1 019 000

Seat 4: Anand Kumar – 976 000

Seat 5: Cecil Chatwind – 283 000

Seat 6: Kinesh Pather – 1 698 000

Seat 7: Moto Uhara – 877 000

Seat 8: Tony Van Eeden – 311 000

Seat 9: Keenan Pienaar – 2 415 000

Massive Suck Out!!!

All in on the Flop, Tony Van Eeden is all on the flop called by Cecil Chatwind

Flop: 10♣8♥7♣

Cecil has J♣9♣ – 95%, flopping the nuts, with a redraw to a flush and straight flush!!

Tony has Q♣10♥ – 5%

Turn: 10♦, giving some life to Tony’s chances! now he has a 20% chance at winning the hand

River: Q♥

Wow wow wow!!! 
Absolute Suck Out!!!

Tony now has 644 000!

Harold Brooks out in 13th,

OD out in 14th

Harold called Giovanni Zanette’s all in, for the last 319 000 with A♣6♠

Gio has A♠8♠

Flop: Q♣2♣8♣ 

Gio flopping an 8, which no longer gives Harold the 6 to win the hand, but now he has any club!!

Turn: A♥

Harold still has a 20% chance to win the hand going to the river, Also with an 8% chance to chop the pot if a Queen peels off on the river

River: ……… A♦

Giving Gio a full house, and eliminating Harold in 13th for R35 000

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