Joining the action on the Flop,

J 7 3 flop

Muhammed Abboobaker(Zubi) pots the flop for 8800, Gareth Kalil calls

Warrick Weigand and Fazel Dawood both fold

Turn 10, bringing two spades to the board as well

Zubi checks, Gareth puts enough chips in the middle to put Zubi all in, he makes the call.

Gareth shows Q Q J 9 8 for the nut straight 

Zubi tables 10 7 5 4 3 with the 54 of spades

Zubi needing a 10 7 or spade to scoop the pot

River: …………. 7 giving Zubi a full house and crippling Gareths stack in the process

Zubi is now on 65 000 chips

All in Action!

Play gets to Vigandas Simuntis in the big blind, with 4 players in before him having put 1500 into the pot.

He announces “Pot”, and makes it 9 000 total.

Moto Uhara, Shaun Govender and Saj Moideen make the call

Flop: A♥J♣7♣

Vigandas moves all in for 21 000

Shaun makes the call

Vigandas has A♣A♦6♣5♥2♥

Shaun shows Q♥Q♠7♦7♥2♠

Both players flopping a set, but Shaun is in bad shape and looking for 1 out only or running hearts

The Turn and river don’t help Shaun, as the 4♠ and 10♠ peel off

Vigandas doubles up through Shaun

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