Giovanni Zanette is the Super High Roller Champion!

Gio stormed through the final table, knocking players out at will!

Once the prize money bubble burst, Gio showed his true quality knocking out Harold Brooks and Nick Katsapas in quick succession this morning!

Gio was the dark horse in this field of professionals, but if he played to his potential it would always be tough to keep the trophy from him!
His play was impeccable, from maximizing on his positional raises to making big folds when the timing just wasn’t right.

A very deserved winner of the Sun City Super High Roller!

Walking away with a cool R1 000 000 for 1st place!

Nick Katsapas, the biggest personality of the Super High Roller has been knocked out in 3rd Place.

Blinds: 25 000/50 000 – BB Ante 50 000

Giovanni Zanette on the button raises to 150 000

Fazel folds, Nick moves all in on the big Blind

Gio turns over 9♦9♥

Nick tables Q♠J♦

It is a race, Gio has a 50% chance of knocking Nick out in 3rd.

The Board runs out:

8♥A♣6♠  K♥  8♦

Which is no help to Nick, he is eliminated in 3rd place for R300 000

The tournament is down to Heads Up!

Giovanni Zanette – 5 000 000

Fazel Dawood – 1 600 000

Harold Brooks Finishes 4th!

Throughout the Tournament Harold has been one of the Chip Leaders, 

Navigating an incredibly difficult field seemingly very easy!

Blinds: 20 000/40 000 – BB Ante 40 000

Nick Katsapas raises to 80 000 on the button,

Harold calls from the small blind

Giovanni Zanette defends from the big blind

Flop: Q♦5♣3♦

Harold leads out from the small blind for 140 000

Gio calls and Nick folds

Turn: J♥

Harold bets 260 000

Gio moves all in, covering Harold

Harold makes the call

Gio shows 5♠3♣ for bottom two pair

Harold tables K♦Q♥, behind and needing to catch up on the river

Only a K, Q or J can keep Harold in the tournament

River: 3♥

Giving Gio a full house and eliminating Harold from the tournament

Harold cashes for R200 000 

Gio now has 4.6Million chips

Jason Strauss is All in, in a 4 way pot!

Harold Brooks opens up the action from the Highjack with A♠J♠ to 64 000

Jason Strauss moves all in on the button with A♣10♦ for 197 000

Gio Zanette in the Small Blind makes the call with A♥J♥

Levine Singh wakes up with Queens! He also makes the call!

The action is back on Harold, who completes and makes the call as well

The Board runs out with no betting from the 3 players still in the hand:

K♦8♥4♦  7♠           A♦

Which takes the win away from Levine, 

Gio and Harold chop the 824 000 chip pot, 

Eliminating Jason in 7th place

Gio – 1.4 Million

Harold – 1.7 Million

Levine – 409 000

Golf 9 is out in 8th Place

Golf 9 under the gun raises it up to 50 000

Nick Katsapas calls in middle position

Levine Singh in the Big Blind calls 30 000 extra 

Flop: A♦K♣4♠

Levine checks to Golf 9 who goes all in for 215 000

Nick Calls and Levine folds

Nick shows A♥10♣

Golf 9 tables A♣9♣, needing only a 9 or running clubs to stay in the Tournament

Turn: …………… 9 giving Golf 9 the massive advantage going to the river!

Nick needing a 3 outer on the river to knock out Golf 9

River: ……………. 10, like a scene from a movie!

Nick says thats why I’m the Best!!!

Eliminating Golf 9 from the tournament

Nick now has 1.2million chips

Max Deveson out in 9th!

Blinds: 8 000/16 000 – BB Ante 16 000

Fazel Dawood raises from the Small blind to 36 000 with 10♠10♣

Max in the Big Blind makes the call with 5♠6♠

Flop: 7♥2♣8♦

Fazel bets his over pair – 70 000

Max makes the call with his open ended straight draw

Turn: 9♠  giving Max the straight, and Fazel now looking for a Jack or a six to make a higher straight.

Fazel bets 200 000

Makes flat calls, setting the trap for a river all in

River: J♣ giving Fazel a bigger straight than Max

Fazel shoves all in, Max doesn’t think long before making the call

Fazel: 1 300 000

Max: Eliminated

We have reached our Final Table!!

Seat 1: Levine Singh – 457 000

Seat 2: Golf 9 – 994 000

Seat 3: Kinesh Pather – 1 219 000

Seat 4: Nick Katsapas – 662 000

Seat 5: Harold Brooks – 881 000

Seat 6: Jason Strauss – 305 000

Seat 7: Giovanni Zanette – 717 000

Seat 8: Fazel Dawood – 599 000

Seat 9: Max Deveson – 766 000

We are live streaming the final table:

A pot for the Chip lead!!

Blinds: 4 000/8 000 – BB Ante 8 000

Kinesh Pather raises under the gun to 20 000, Ahmed Karrim calls and Harold Brooks defends the big blind

Flop: Q 7 8

Harold checks, KP bets 45 000

Ahmed and Harold both make the call

Turn: Q

Action checks around to Ahmed, who bets 125 000

Harold folds, KP calls

River: K
KP checks, Ahmed moves all in, KP calls

Ahmed shows AQ, for trip Queens

KP shows Pocket Kings, for a rivered full house!!!

Kinesh winning a 1.2 Million chip pot, crippling Ahmed in the process

All in Action!

Blinds: 5 000/10 000 – BB Ante 10 000

Max opens to 25 000 in the CO

Jason 3bets to 60 000 on the Button

Bozo moves all in for 350 000 on the Small Blind

Max re-shoves, Jason thinks for a while and folds

Bozo has Jacks

Max has Kings

Unfortunately for Bozo, the board runs out clean, 

Max knocking Bozo out in 13th

Max is now on 800k, he has built it up from 0.6 Big Blinds, when he had 6 000 chips 30min ago!!!

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