In two quick hands, the Bubble has burst!

Ed knocks Max out in 6th, and the next hand Joe takes out Conrad

A8 vs A5 in the 1st, and J9 vs 10 9 in the second

Both boards ran dry for the players trying to catch up.

The Cape Town Rail is going wild!
Darren Kramer, Ahmed Karrim, Lauren Piha and Ben Cade really adding a great atmosphere for the final table!

4 players left!!

Nick Sissou opens in early position

Huawei Sun goes all in in the cut off

Action folds to Conrad Chester in the small blind who goes all in over the top.
Nick thinks for a while and folds

Huawei – K♥8♠

Conrad – A♦K♠

Flop: A 3 5

Turn: J, that seals Huawei’s tournament and off to the rail he goes

Conrad pulls in a sizeable pot.

Our Chip leader with 7 left is Joe Stegers with 1.25million

Blinds are now 25 000/50 000 – BB Ante 50 000

Ed Pastoll raises things up from the Highjack to 35 000

Nick Sissou calls from the small blind and we go to the flop

Flop:  9♣4♥4♣

Both players check

Turn: K♠

Play checks through again

River: J♣

Nick checks it over to Ed, who bets 35 000 into the pot

Nick makes a quick call

Ed turns over A♦10♠, he got caught trying to steal the pot on the river

Nick shows Q♦J♦ for the winner

Nick is now the Big Shot Chip leader with 650 000 chips

There are 10 Players left

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