The Final 3 players have made an ICM deal

For those that don’t know what ICM is, in laymans terms, 

The Payouts between the players get added together, and then divided between them as per their chip stacks.

Harold Brooks had 4 655 000 chips – R120 293

Gary Backos had 2 660 000 chips – R103 299

Keegan Pillay had 2 090 000 chips – R95 832

They will still play out for the trophy however, that is impotant!!!

Very amicable end to a great final table!!!
Well done gentlemen

The Bubble has burst!

We join the action on the Flop, where Graham Savings moves all in

The Board: 10♥2♥2♦

Pieter De Necker calls the all in

Graham shows 10♠7♥

Pieter shows A♥8♥ and needing help to knock out Graham

Turn: 8♣  giving Pieter 2 additional outs

River: ……….. A♣

Pieter rivering a better two pair than Graham and sending Graham to the rail as the bubble boy.

We are now in the money and down to 10 players

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