JP Okes is your Little Slam Champion!!

JP came back from an almost certain exit of the tournament after losing with K9 against J10 against Robert when play was still 3 handed, but he stuck in there and fought his way back into contention and from there it was all experience!
He won the final all in with AJ against the K8 of Robert

JP walks away with R282 387

Robert also takes home a nice paycheck of 182 427

Well done Gents,

Until next time

Blinds: 250 000/500 000 – 500 000 BB Ante

Robert raises to 1.1million from the button

Fabio re raises to 4.1million

Robert Calls

Flop: K♣K♥4♣

Both players check

Turn: 2♥

Fabio bets 2million and Robert calls

River: 7♠

Both players check,Fabio wants to muck his cards, but shows the Q♠

Robert opens up A♣8♣, winning a 13million chip pot with Ace high!!!

We lose our Indian National, Jubal Sher, He is in RSA on Holiday and decided that the SunBet Poker tour would be the best way to cap off his stay!

He has said he will definitely be back, if not for the wonder that is South Africa, then definitely for the SunBet Poker Tour, the best poker tours in Africa! 

Jubal moves all in Pre Flop with A9 of Diamonds

JP Okes makes a quick call, Jubal has walked into Kings

The Board:

3 7 6 7 4

No help to Jubal this time

He takes home R35 985 for his 7th place finish

We Have our Final Table in the Little Slam!Here are their Chip counts from seat 1 to seat 8, (This will allow you to identify the players as well)

Seat 1: Quinton Aube – 5 410 000

Seat 2: Keenan Pienaar – 2 590 000

Seat 3: Harold Brooks – 2 490 000

Seat 4: Robert Cowley – 2 420 000

Seat 5: Fabio Cornelli – 5 650 000

Seat 6: Theo Hunter – 3 220 000

Seat 7: JP Okes – 7 540 000

Seat 8: Rubal Sher – 2 180 000

Seat 9: Clive Kikia – 1 180 000

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