All in Action:

Damon Fine, the satellite king, opens in the cut off with A♣10♠

Imran Bhojani 3bets from the SB, Damon puts the balance of his chips in the middle.

Imran tables A♦3♠ and is behind

The board: 7♦3♣6♦  J♣  5♥

This sends Damon to the rail for the night and Imran building up a formidable stack!

Damon will be back to give the Main Event another shot though

We jump into the action on the turn, where we have an all in between Alvin Brooks and arguably the nicest player at The Sunbet Poker Series, Doc Eben Lottering

The board: 7♥Q♦9♦  10♠

Alvin shows 9♥9♠

Doc shows Q♣10♣ needing some help on the river

Unfortunately for Doc it doesn’t come this time and runs out with the 6♦

Alvin scoops in a healthy pot

With players heading off to their first break of the day, here are some notable chip stack in the field:

Carel Snyman – 52 300

Lauren Piha – 62 300

Armandt Olivier – 37 300

Michael Clacher, our very own WSOP bracelet winner has informed me that he was close to getting above starting stack, but he is at a table full of sharks that keep picking off his bluffs. 

More hand updates will follow later

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