We have a massive cooler as the day is winding down!

Action is all in on the flop:


Davide Chiminello is all in with 5♣5♦

Nahum Lum turns over 8♦7♥

Lum has less than 5% chance to win the hand

Turn: 3♥

Davide has a 95% chance of winning the hand

River: 8♥

Lum gets it in bad, but runs out like Bruce Fordyce in the Comrades, a good thing!

This sends Davide to the rail

Big Pot!!!

Yoni Lipshitz in the cut off looks down at AK

Clayton Diab raises to 2000 under the gun

Action folds to Yoni, he bumps it up to 6000

Clayton calls and the 2 players head to the flop

K J 3 (rainbow)

Action checks to Yoni who bets 3700

Clayton calls

Turn : 8

Action checks to Yoni again who sizes up to 9000

Clayton calls

The River brings another K

Clayton leads for 15 000

Yoni goes all in over the top for 48 000

Clayton makes a quick call and flips over 33

Eliminating Yoni from Day 1B with a Full House

All in Action!

Maxine Catano – J♥J♠

Huawei Sun – 9♠9♣

Anton Bouwer – 10♦10♠

Flop: K♦8♥6♦

Maxine still with a firm grasp on the hand

Turn: K♠

Just a 9 or 10 to dodge and Maxine will triple up

River: 10♥

A river to change everything, Anton takes it finding one of his two 10s eliminating both players from Day 1B.

They can however still jump back in during the late registration period

Players are now on their first Break for Day 1B,

Some action from session 1’s play

Flop: A♠2♠3♠

Maxine Catano moves all in for her remaining 6700 chips

Zlatko Dobronic makes the call as does Huawei Sun

Turn: 3♦

Huawei bets 7000, Dobbie makes the call

River: K♠

Dobbie and Huawei both check

Maxine opens up 3♥2♥ for a full house and wins the main pot

Dobbie opens up 6♠4♠ for a flopped flush, but only a small flush when the K♠ peels off on the river, Luckily for him Huawei shows the 5♠ for a straight flush draw on the flop, but doesn’t beat the 6 high flush.

Dobbie winning the side pot

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